First Bondage Chair Experience

By Wired4Fun

My first total bondage experience took place at the Serious Bondage Institute, using some of my own gear. Met Mark and Dalton and got into my rubber cat suit (from Mr. S), followed by my rubber toe socks (from Polymorphe). My thick rubber mask (from Studio Gum) especially intrigued Mark. It is my third Studio Gum hood and fits the best of all three hoods, being very snug with no eye holes or mouth hole, just two small openings for breathing. The natural rubber color has mellowed from a creamy vanilla to a striking amber color and makes a nice contrast to the black rubber and black leather straps used for my bondage session.

IMG_0456-175x263 After I slip on my hood, I am blind and unable to shout or speak clearly. Dalton guided me into the bondage chair, a tight squeeze, and then slipped my rubber fist mitts (also from Mr. S) on. He began to methodically strap me in, which was very interesting as I was now giving up total control for the very first time. Straps stretched across my shins, my thighs, through my crotch, across my biceps and forearms, as well as straps across my chest. Very intense and exciting to hear and feel the straps and buckles as my movements became gradually more restrained. Except for two nostril holes, my entire body sealed in rubber and strapped into the chair, I began to wonder just what I had gotten myself into. Dalton just kept tightening straps.

Finally, with two straps around my hood, I was totally bound to the chair. I settled in to enjoy my time trapped in my own little world, within the tight constraints of rubber and the leather straps. The first time I gave up partial control for bondage took place with a simple strait jacket, but was nowhere near as intense as this maximum restraint. I tried to move in the chair and managed to squirm a bit. Dalton simply tightened more straps to prevent that.

Testing the straps off and on occupied me for a while, straining and relaxing, breathing a while then trying again. I really was tightly bound and enjoying the experience. I could still squirm a few millimeters in various spots, but that was almost all. My feet and hands, though inside rubber, were still free to move. Hand movement prompted Dalton to get a roll of electrical tape. I laughed as he began to bind my hands to the chair. After he finished, I amused myself tapping out some Morse Code on the floor with my feet, the only part of me I could still move. Either they didn’t notice my feet or figured it was harmless for me to do so.

Settling into maximum restraint for an unknown length of time is daunting, I confess, especially for a first timer like me. I could feel a touch of panic or fear rising but managed to control that and began to enjoy being tightly bound in rubber, completely dependent on someone else.

IMG_0489-175x263Unfortunately, one problem cropped up fairly soon: I had forgotten to straighten my right ear when putting on my tight amber colored rubber hood. With the ear folded over, it began to ache, and then to really hurt. A grunt brought Dalton and he removed the hood, but leaving me tightly bound from the neck down. Disappointed in myself, I apologized for missing that ear, but was reassured that stuff like that happens and has to be dealt with. Did I want to stay bound? Of course! He found a Polymorphe hood that fit me well, black rubber with only nostril holes, and slipped it on me since I was unable to do it myself. The breathing holes of this new hood were larger so breathing was no longer a chore, but I was once again sealed in rubber, with my head soon tightly restrained again.

Awesome as the session turned out to be, I have my limits, and the straight back of the chair kept my spine in a very uncomfortable position (I have a back injury that causes occasional trouble) and had to be released long before I really wanted to be. However, I’m ready to do it again!  ~Wired4Fun


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