Cocooned And Suspended

By Wired4Fun

My second session at the Serious Bondage Institute followed immediately after the first in the bondage chair, where my amber colored Studio Gum hood had to be removed because of a folded ear and was replaced with a black rubber hood. Unfortunately, not long after that I had to be removed from the chair because of back problems.  Since I am from the East Coast, my time was limited so Dalton suggested the suspension platform where I would lie prone in a Maxcita canvas sleepsack, strapped into the rigging.  My back trouble should be no problem in the suspension rigging.  I eagerly agreed to experience yet another serious bondage scenario.

IMG_0507-275x183It was time to get back into my amber hood and get bound again.  Sliding on the thick rubber hood is always a rush for me, especially when I am already in a rubber suit.  With the hood on (and my ears properly positioned), Dalton slipped heavy rubber gloves over my hands to once again make sure I was in full rubber, and then guided me through the suspension springs and into position on the canvas sleepsack.  Still in rubber suit and toe socks, sliding rubber feet into the tight canvas foot compartment was really neat. Dalton placed a cushion between my feet so the ankle bones pressing together would not be a problem.  He also had a small pillow under my hooded head.  Being positioned for intense cocooning in the suspension rigging really intensified the rush I was already enjoying.  Oh, yeah!

We worked hard to finally get my right arm into the inner sleeve of the canvas sleepsack.  Could not do so with my left arm.  I am not quite flexible enough and the sack perhaps just a bit too small for me.  So the left arm lay inside the sack, just not in the sleeve.  It took two people to zip up the canvas sleep sack, which really felt great as the canvas tightened over my rubber.  Tight canvas over tight rubber from toe to neck is awesome!  Then came the leather straps over the canvas, tightened down even more.  Really awesome!!

IMG_0550-175x262The hood constricts my breathing a bit, so I must concentrate on that at times until it become more automatic. I focused on controlling my breath and calming my headspace as Dalton began turning the mechanical winch crank to raise the rigging off the floor.  Soon, lying tightly bound and floating in the air, I felt movement as he began to manipulate the frame a bit, rotating and rocking the frame.  This was quite different from the solid non-movement in the bondage chair.  I could get cues of the movement from the feel as well as the sounds.  The mild noise of a fan was a major clue as to my motion, as were the street sounds when they opened an exterior door for a while.  The bearings of the rigging allow for rotation to continue for quite a while.

Experimentation by raising and lowering my knees could get the rigging to bounce on the springs a bit.  If you remember how you could pump the swings at the playground to swing higher and farther, you probably can picture what I was trying to do: create more up and down motion in addition to the rotation.   Dalton strapped my legs tighter making that motion more difficult, but not impossible. They told me later they wondered what the squeaking was: the springs as I bounced.

I liked the rotation, the bouncing and the rocking motion if one or two corners of the frame were moved up and down.  Made me think of lying in a boat on gentle swells in the ocean.  Being seasick in a tight hood could be a bit of a problem, though I have never been seasick.  So far.

IMG_0546-275x183Cocooned in rubber and canvas, experiencing the gently rocking motion could have put me to sleep.  I even got close to falling into a nap or a trance, until I noticed a problem.  My right shoulder ached and the arm was losing circulation. Damnation!  I had to grunt for help.  Dalton asked if I needed the hood off.  No.  With grunts, his questions and head motion I managed to indicate my shoulder.  He removed straps and unzipped the sack just enough to get my right arm out of the sleeve so I could move it around, ease the ache and restore circulation.  He told me this kind of thing happens and has to be dealt with.  When the arm felt better in a couple of minutes, I grunted my assent, to be rebound with leather straps, my right arm in the sack but not in the sleeve and the canvas remaining unzipped to about my waist.  I experienced no other problems after that and believe I could have lasted for hours if I had not had my time constraints and flight home to consider.

My first two experiences being maximally restrained were very intense, totally awesome, and I have learned more about what I can and cannot tolerate.  Learning more about oneself is never a bad thing.  Next time, I would wear ear plugs as well for even more isolation.  Both experiences were well worth the trip across the country.  ~Wired4Fun


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