Just A Few Minutes

By NoEscapeSlave

My adventures at the infamous SeriousBondage Institute were about to take a completely unplanned diversion.  We had discussed a scene involving their deck cell/pit that I had been eying for months.  We had planned to use some RigidCuff shackles within the deck cell, but in the process of gathering the gear we ran across a unique RigidCuff collar that attaches to a vertical bar of a jail cell or cage. I was very intrigued by the collar so we decided to take a short diversion and try it out on the bars of an outdoor standup cage that had recently been installed in the alley adjacent to the Institute.  This would only take a few minutes, and besides, Mark wanted a few pictures of me in this interesting collar attached to the bars of the cage. Who was I to say no?  Anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER turn down ANY opportunity to be in bondage.  The deck cell could wait a few minutes.

IMG_9131-175x262I had already put on my full rubber catsuit for the deck cell scene so I climbed up into the standup cage and they locked the collar around my neck and to the center vertical bar on the back of the cage.  Wow!!!  What a wonderful snug and immobile position it turned out to be.  Although I was relatively comfortable, I could not move away from the position I was in, even though I had full use of my hands and legs. A metal pin at the back of the collar held it closed and fixed to the center bar of the cage, and a padlock prevented the pin from being removed. So, even though my hands were free, I couldn’t escape from the grip of this amazing collar. This is an EXTREMELY effective collar!

But this was not enough.  Soon they brought out a pair of special German Clejuso wrist cuffs which had lockable mechanisms which grabbed and locked onto the vertical bars on each side of the cage. They attached them to my wrists and in turn to the bars.  If that wasn’t enough they attached MORE RigidCuff cuffs on my upper wrists which were also locked to the bars with padlocks.  Then of course, more RigidCuff shackles were added around my ankles as well.  I could not move more than an inch or two in any direction.  I was securely fastened at my neck, wrists and ankles to the cage, and the cage door was also locked.  To add to my helpless predicament, a blindfold, rubber inflatable gag and sound reduction ear muffs were added to my head.  I was in darkness and TOTAL BONDAGE BLISS…completely captured and fully restrained in this outdoor cage.

IMG_9129-175x262I was slightly aware of the bustling noise of the San Francisco street just a few feet behind me.  Little did the pedestrians know there was a fully restrained rubber gimp – completely gagged and chained up – behind the wooden fence they were passing by!  I began to sweat in the hot sun but my rubber suit kept my sweat well contained and the restraints kept me from any movement at all.  To add to my torment, suction pumps were attached to my nipples through my rubber suit and I was further secured to the cage with heavy leather straps.  Then, in addition, a small battery vibrator was placed under one of the straps pressing against my cock to keep me entertained.  After all this additional gear was applied, they then left me to simmer in my own juices while monitoring my safety via an audio/video feed from an overhead camera wired into the Institute’s control room. My mind went to my happy bondage euphoria spot, and what had originally been planned for only a few minutes turned into many hours of pure ecstasy and bondage nirvana. I truly did not want it to end. This will be an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.  And oh yes…..we did EVENTUALLY do the deck cell scene which I will write about in another installment.  ~NoEscapeSlave


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