My Degradation Adventure

By Bind

IMG_0300-A-200x300I love visiting the Serious Bondage Institute (SBI) in San Francisco. Every time I come it seems that some fantasy comes true for me. This time I went into the lay down cell that is set into their wood deck. I wore my orange prison clothing for the scene. I love being locked behind bars. I love it so much that I live in a jail cell behind bars that I built myself. I sleep and spend much of my time in a prison uniform. For this scene I wanted to experience something more intense than just lock-up. I was looking to be treated like the lowest of the low. This was to be a degradation scene. I don’t like to be degraded in real life, but the fantasy of being treated so badly as a prisoner was a turn on and I wanted to live it. SBI helped make it happen.

The restraints for the scene were simple. They consisted of German made handcuffs that were used on both my wrists and ankles. I went in face down with my hands behind my back to make the position more severe. While incarcerated in this horizontal cell, my good buddy NoEscapeSlave topped me as my guard. He used verbal abuse, and made me eat some horrible cold pizza. I was spit and urinated on.

I felt such absolute helplessness and the degradation added so much to it for me. It was very exciting and hot to role play. I was in such a situation as a real prisoner in some really bad third world prison. Doing such a role play makes me free from my normal self. As the role play went on, I started to feel euphoria from the intensity of the degradation and situation.

IMG_0320-A-300x200All of the sudden I thought to myself, “I am doing this for fun! I am locked up in here being pissed and spit on for entertainment!” I started to laugh at the situation. It turned into a belly laugh that I could not stop. It was a powerful emotional release that lasted ten or fifteen minutes. I felt so good mentally as I came out of the cage and was unlocked. The laughing wore me out for what remained of the day and I had to take a nap later. But for several days afterwards I felt extra happy, and found it easier to reach into my mind and pull out my emotions that used to be buried inside. I am so grateful to the guys at the Serious Bondage Institute for giving me yet another bondage adventure that most people will only dream about. I feel so fortunate to have them as friends. Although the bondage that they do at the Institute can be pretty extreme, they are professional, safe, and a whole ton of fun to be around! ~Bind


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