Hogtie In The Air

By Mister-X

I surf the Web a lot, looking at various bondage sites.  I like to look at what other people are doing, trying to get ideas for photo shoots.  I like to be pictured in something intense and unique.  Some people like to climb mountains – that’s their challenge.  Being in intense, unique bondage is one of my challenges.  I love to be challenged.

I found a picture that I really liked on a heavy bondage site out of Britain.  It was a picture of a guy in a rubber straitjacket with arms down at the sides strapped to his body.  In addition to the straitjacket he was fully clothed in rubber.  He was lying on a table with a rope pulling the top of his hood to his ankles behind his back, chest pulled up, lower legs pulled up.  It was an interesting and unique hogtie type position.

IMG_0223-175x263I wanted to be that guy, only replicated in leather.  I tried contacting Dalton of SeriousBondage.com, but he was not in.  Next I tried contacting MummyEd, frequently of SeriousBondage, but he didn’t want to be disturbed at that time.  So I had to do something that does not come naturally to me – I had to wait.

Finally Dalton was available, and I was able to schedule a time for him to satisfy my wish.  I explained to him what I wanted done.  He had the gear at their location.  All that was needed was for both of us to show up and get started.

I stripped and Dalton laced on my favorite hood, a leather one that has pinholes only at the nose which I’d brought with me.  Dalton then started zipping me into a set of leather leg binders they had available.  This was a tight fit, but he was able to fit me into them.  The next item was the leather straitjacket, straps pulled tight, but arms kept down at the sides.  After I was in all the gear, he helped me hop over near the table to get a picture of me like that standing erect.

IMG_0240-263x175Next was to get onto the table, lying on my stomach.  Dalton helped me do this.  He started attaching straps to the overhead hoist.  He wanted to do more than just have me lying on the table like the picture of the other guy.  Being in the leather, he figured I could be hoisted up into the air like I was.  After all the straps were attached, he pulled the hoist up to pull them taut while I was still resting on the table.

After checking to make sure that all the straps fit properly and would be able to support my weight, he hoisted me into the air a little ways, again making sure that the supporting straps were working properly, and that I would be able to be hoisted up without any problems.  When everything tested out okay, he hoisted me up into the air.

IMG_0263-300x200This turned out to be one of my favorite pictures.  It was pretty intense, as well as unique, just the type of bondage I like to be pictured in.  Dalton made sure I was able to stay in that position without any problems, and left me like that for a time.  It was surprisingly comfortable, except for the pressure one of the straps was putting on my prominent proboscis (nose).  Since this appendage was what I was relying on to get the needed air, I was okay as long as the pain did not adversely affect my breathing.  Finally my nose was hurting too much, and I asked Dalton to let me down.

As I’d said in the previous paragraph, this was one of my favorite pictures.  The only one that can rival it, in my opinion, is the one of me mummified in 200 feet of chain.  I’m not sure which of the two is my favorite, but I’m happy to have been through the experience of both.

As always, I feel lucky to be living near the SeriousBondage.com people, who can make these perverted desires of mine turn into reality.  And they are happy to have me come by so they can get some interesting photos for their websites.  It’s a great symbiotic relationship.  ~Mister-X


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