Long-Term Confinement Experiment

By Mumman

Before my fourth incredible trip to the SeriousBondage Institute (SBI) in San Francisco, Mark and Dalton had installed a shallow horizontal cage in the deck, much to my excitement, knowing that it would be a great part of my experience during this lengthy stay/adventure. I had fantasized about being in full-coverage bondage locked into it for an extended period, with the goal of doing record-setting serious time in there. A huge thing about bondage scenarios is seeing if the reality can match up with the fantasy, not an easy undertaking. For those of us into serious long-term bondage, we tend to get carried away with our expectations about how long we can endure and test ourselves and in the process, go into new physio-psychological realms and territories. Above all, safety must be maintained with monitoring and knowing your limits.

100_1933-225x269It was fall, and on this rapidly cooling San Francisco night, falling temperatures were to be dealt with. I put on a high absorbency disposable diaper and a short-sleeved, short-legged neoprene wetsuit from the SBI gear room and a couple pairs of warm tube-socks. To make matters more intense, my cock was locked in a tight metal chastity device from MatureMetal.com. I had selected my heavy leather locking deprivation hood with small nose grommets only, and Dalton laced it up tightly. It was nice and tight all over, clamping my mouth shut and totally blinding me. Dalton is a great tight lacer, including with corsets. He buckled and locked the straps and I was ready to get into my tight neoprene sleepsack, standing in the recessed cell. I inserted my arms into the sheaths and he tugged and yanked it up over my shoulders, which took a little doing, and expertly laid me down gently into the cage on the black PVC-covered plywood. My pillow was a sandbag with stitching in the middle, just perfect. My heart was beating fast and I was quite comfy. Dalton shut and locked the 3 cage doors with big padlocks and my overnight attempt was underway.

100_1937-325x217Being a tall 6′ 3″, I fill the length of the cage pretty well, and have hardly any shoulder room. A deep breath, and my chest hits the top bars. I can lift my head about an inch before hitting against the bars, and can’t turn my head. The neoprene sack is very tight all over, including trapping my hands & arms in place very well. Bending my knees, they soon hit the bars. There is an extra thrill about being in already inescapable bondage inside a cage, especially a tight fitting one like this. Over the hours, I would periodically hit the bars to feel the wonderful unyielding rigid closeness of them, reveling in my tight, trapped confinement. My cock periodically got hard under the layers in its tight stainless steel confines. I felt that being stuck there overnight was an achievable objective.

100_1936-225x150Mark had setup a video camera and microphone on me and was able to monitor me from the office inside. MummyEd came by for a visit and a quick video shoot. It was hard to hear him through the thick padded leather hood with the expandable earplugs in. Did I mention the ear plugs? I’m really into the total sensory deprivation experience. To be totally blocked from all or almost all movement and to be unable to see, speak or hear is a huge thrill. I love the total bondage experience, to be completely isolated and rendered into being totally helpless and deprived. I was left alone out there, but not alone, because of the video camera on me. I was initially sweaty, then as a few hours elapsed, the cold began to creep in, feeling it ion my hands and legs. I was wishing I had gone the full measure and put on my heavy full neoprene wetsuit, with socks or latex gloves encasing my hands. I was still loving my tight encapsulation/isolation, but wishing I was sweating instead of “freezing”.

IMG_8339-325x217Mark came out to check on me a few times and I supposed it was dark. Indeed it was. I mmphed that I was doing OK, but as the fifth hour came, it was dawning on me that the creeping cold was going to get the better of me. I was pretty OK but for that, still loving the bondage. It was into the 6th hour that Mark came out and I had to acknowledge that it was time to get out. He unlocked the three cage doors and got me unzipped. I worked my way out of the tight neoprene sack, feeling cold in the the chilly air. He unlocked my hood’s straps. We acknowledged that we gave it a good go, but I wasn’t well-insulated enough to make it through the night. Sometimes you suffer for bondage going for long-term scenarios. But, when it’s time to get out, that’s that. It was a great experience, thanks to Mark and Dalton at the infamous SeriousBondage Institute! ~Mumman


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