Dark to Dark

By NoEscapeSlave

This time my trip to the Serious Bondage Institute took an unusual turn. Once I arrived I was told it was to be a sensory deprivation session, plus I would miss an entire day of sunlight! This was one experience I didn’t have to pack any bags for. I was hooded during the night with my no-eyes leather puffy hood – and remained hooded all day long until the sun went down and it was dark again. I missed the entire day! I decided to call this treatment ‘Dark to Dark’. To keep my energy up I was fed protein liquids by feel only through the mouth hole of my isolation hood.

IMG_3979-A-200x300We started off around 5am (before the sun came up) with the guys strapping me into a canvas sleepsack and then suspending me horizontally from the ceiling with a number of garage door springs… WOW… what a trip as my hood was also tied down to the suspended frame and noise cancelling headphones were put over my ears with a continuous loop of ocean sounds playing. I was left that way for six hours and as a result my mind started to drift to the most wonderful places. Any stress I had brought along on the trip melted away.

After floating in the spring suspension rig until around 11am, I was taken out for a bathroom break (still hooded and sightless) and then led to the backyard where I was put into a horizontal outdoor deck cage. My ankles, knees, wrist and collar were shackled, and the cage doors closed and locked. I could slightly feel the warmth of the sun on me, but naturally I could not see anything as I was still in my sensory deprivation hood. Headphones were again put over my ears with some kind of bass type beat music that REALLY allowed me to go deep and channel my thoughts towards one of my ultimate fantasies which is objectification. I began to imagine myself as only an object… no use of my limbs, and I was only there to serve as a toy or a work of art. At some point I had been in my puffy hood for so long that it no longer felt like a hood… it felt like part of my face and skin. AHHHH… what a wonderful feeling.

IMG_4012-A-200x300After many hours I came back to life abruptly when I realized someone was unlocking my chains and shackles. Wow… I barely realized where I was and I had no idea how long I was in the cage. They helped me out of the deck cage and led me back inside where I was zipped into a wonderful heavy latex sleepsack (my first time in a rubber sleepsack) and then strapped back into the suspended canvas sleepsack. Two layers this time, I guess more is better? Once I was fully secured I was fitted with the same noise-canceling headphones this time playing a combination of white noise and thunderstorms.

With regard to multiple layers, my sensory deprivation trip was greatly expanded with the addition of the rubber sleepsack inside the canvas sleepsack. This created the most wonderful sensation of being squeezed in (by the rubber) and stretched out (by the canvas being suspended). I quickly slipped into ‘objectification nirvana’ and I completely forgot where I was. My mind focused on many things including designing the ultimate bondage bed and dreams of the ultimate Dore Alley trip as a complete fiberglass casted object. Then, suddenly, without warning, I realized I was in a completely different world… I had lost any and all of my personal power including the ability to communicate, move, or make any decisions… I truly felt like I was simply an object. WOW, was it a wonderful, safe, ideal feeling.

Eventually, after many more hours, they lowered my suspension rig back to the floor. I was so spaced out I had not realized they had done so. They Still005-325x217started my extraction and I was forced to come back to reality. When they pulled my hood off I realized that it was still dark outside and I had missed seeing the entire day. My dark-to-dark trip was officially over, and what a trip it was.

It has been several hours since I was released and I still feel an extreme bondage glow which I’m sure will stay with me the entire weekend. In the meantime, my head feels clearer than it has in a long time! A huge thanks to Dalton and Mark for this wonderful and unexpected present. They had no idea it was my going to be my birthday in the next few days and I told them that this was the best birthday present I would receive WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! I look forward to my next dark-to-dark trip!  ~NoEscapeSlave


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