Straitjacket Cuddling

By Bagged Up

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by bondage.  Early on, I always thought I wanted to be the next great escape artist.  But one day several years ago, I had the chance to visit the Mr. S store in San Francisco where I was strapped into a strait jacket for the first time.  It was at that moment when I realized I did not, in fact, want to be an escape artist.  I wanted to be restrained often and for long periods.

IMG_0572-A-2Recently, once again, I found myself San Francisco.  This time I had the opportunity to visit the guys at the popular bondage website   I have been following their site for quite some time and have always wanted to make the trip to see them.  On the second day of my visit, Mark mentioned that Joe ‘Go4Bondage’ on Recon would be coming over that afternoon.   Joe and I had never met before but I was excited at the thought of being tied up with someone else who craved bondage as much as I do.

Shortly after he arrived, we got down to business.   Mark suggested that I show Joe one of the straitjackets I brought with me.  Last year at IML, I found this straitjacket made out of Marine pattern (aka, marpat) camouflage.  It was two of my fetishes combined into one – straitjackets and camouflage military uniforms.

I have always thought that showing someone a straitjacket is best done by putting them in it.  Joe seemed to agree with that.  Within minutes, he was strapped up in it and looking quite happy.  He was even happier when I started massaging his crotch and his nipples – especially when I used the vibrator on him.

He purred (or as some would say “coo’ed”) very nicely which only made me wish I was tied up next to him.  And so it happened.  I went to get the MaxCita sleepsack/strait jacket combo that I had been eying since I arrived.  I put it on the floor next to the straitjacketed Marine and shamelessly asked to be strapped up into it.    IMG_0644-A-1Dalton, Mark’s friend was happy to accommodate my wishes.

Dalton has of gift of knowing what bondage visitors want without necessarily having to ask.  At one point he hogtied the both of us.  Later we were strapped face to face with my arms strapped around Joe’s straitjacketed body.  Dalton gave us some ‘alone time’ so that we could get to know each other a little better – which was strange to have a conversation with someone under our bound circumstances…  When he returned, he changed our position once more.  This time he placed the vibrator between us as our bodies were strapped together!

What a great way to spend an afternoon.  And to think that at one point I wanted to escape from such scenarios.  I am so glad I came to my senses. ~Bagged Up


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