Garage Bondage

By Wired4Fun

“There’s a new steel bed I’ve been working on down in the garage,” Mark told us, “and I need to test it. Let’s go check it out.”  He was so excited that we just had to follow him down into the garage and were among the first to see Mark’s fabulous new creation, a steel frame bolted around a futon style mattress.  Being a little shorter than my Recon friend ‘LowMaintenance’, I could just squeeze into the bed and get my boots into the snowboard boot bindings.  Not much room for head gear, so we discussed ideas to extend the bed.  The next day Mark had added a precious few inches, moving the boot binders out a bit.

IMG_1189-A-3“Care to try it out?” he asked me.  Of course I was wild to try it.  “I have this great leather straitjacket that I’d like to see in this setup.”  Fine with me, I like straitjackets.  “And we can show off your Steelwerks Extreme chastity cage as well.”  I was wearing it that day, so that was fine as well.  Mark and Dalton gathered the straitjacket, the straps to bind me and the muzzle to match the jacket while I stripped to my boots and chastity cage.  The leather jacket slid on easily.  I’m a rubber guy, but the leather was very, very nice and soft.  Dalton slipped on the muzzle and strapped it over my head.  I like full enclosure hoods, so this was easy and also felt great.  He pulled my arms across my chest and strapped me fully into the straitjacket.  A great feeling.  Getting safely into the bed was a bit of a chore, as my arms were useless to support myself sitting down backward over the raised edge of the steel framework.  Dalton lowered me gently so as not to bang my head, and I wiggled into place.  My buddy LowMaintenance helped tighten the snowboard boot bindings on my black leather boots.  Felt good.  Straps threaded through the various loops on the straitjacket tightened and held me in place.  I could not move much as I tested my bonds, struggling against the restraints.  Suddenly they all left the garage, turning out the lights and leaving me in darkness.  “Hey!”



Next we tried the bed with me in a full black rubber straitjacket suit with a cock sheath.  A black gas mask completed the rig.  Totally enclosed in rubber is my natural environment.  With my arms again crossed and locked into place across my chest, they eased me down into the bed.  I wouldn’t mind building a copy of this bed to sleep in at home!  I relaxed, enjoying the feel of my tight rubber cocoon, and listened to the valves of the gas mask open and close with my breathing. Eagerly but patiently I waited for the straps.

“Wait a second.  We need his boots for the bindings!”  They found my boots, which were taken off upstairs when I got into the rubber suit, and put them IMG_1335-A-3on, lacing them up.  Already bound in the straitjacket suit I could not help with that.  The ratchet of the boot bindings was music to my rubber covered ears inside the gas mask as the valves continued to open and close.  Once my boots were secured, white Segufix bondage straps were soon applied crossing my body and holding me in their strong canvas grip.  Straps all over me this time, from head to foot, surrounding my rubber second skin and keeping me tightly in place.  Segufix straps require a special magnet key to remove the locks, which click into place surprisingly easily.  I heard someone say “Uh, oh, where did I put the key?”  Cool!  No key!  LowMaintenance covered my intake ports for some breath play, growling “It’s all about you isn’t it?”  I nodded in agreement before they left me in darkness again and went upstairs, where they monitored me with a wireless audio system.  I was in rubber bondage nirvana!  ~Wired4Fun


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